Edith Hayward Hall Dohan

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Edith Hayward Hall was born on December 31, 1877 in New Haven, Connecticut, to Ely Ransom and Mary Jane Hall. Throughout Hall’s childhood, her father, a Yale graduate, instilled the importance of a fine education which would be reflected in her later life (Thompson 1971; Morrow 2007). From 1888, Hall attended Woodstock Academy where Hall’s love for the Greek culture and language would become apparent (Morrow 2007). After graduating from Woodstock Academy, Hall would attend Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts, selecting the “Classical Course” as her major (Morrow 2007). Graduating from Smith College with a Bachelor of Arts, Hall would continue her academic career by attending Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania where she studied Greek archaeology (Morrow 2007). A constant struggle with poverty would plague Hall throughout her years of study at Bryn Mawr College, but thanks to her being awarded Mary E. Garrett European Fellowship, Hall was able to...

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