Genealogy on the Web: Benefits and Limitations

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Probable conclusions about the ways people lived in the past can be made by archaeologists, genealogists, and family historians by using the same or similar resources for their research. Before the arrival of the Internet, researchers from these disciplines visited archives, libraries, and other repositories to view historical records, and their means of communication was by letter or telephone. Today’s researchers can use the Internet which has provided a platform for resources to be shared in what is often called the world’s largest library (Paton 2011: 1) – the World Wide Web (the Web). The Web has revolutionized the way people research, learn, and communicate both commercially and socially. It has benefits for archaeologists, genealogists, and family historians because of the opportunities to extend their research internationally and communicate with others easily. While the Web has many advantages for genealogical researchers, it also has some limitations.


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