Surgical Atlas of Cerebral Palsy Hip Procedures

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Children with cerebral palsy (CP) need many different procedures related to their hips. Adductor lengthening, femoral osteotomies, and pelvic osteotomies to reconstruct acetabular dysplasia are the most common procedures. The specific indications for each of these procedures has to be considered and often the decision if surgery is indicated and when is more difficult then the specific technical aspect of the surgery. When the decision to move ahead with surgery is made, it is important to have a good technical understanding of the expected outcome as well as the postoperative care and rehabilitation. This chapter includes step-by-step descriptions of hip adductor, iliopsoas, and proximal hamstring lengthening, femoral osteotomy, and pelvic osteotomies used for children with CP.


Cerebral palsy Adductor lengthening Iliopsoas lengthening Proximal hamstring lengthening Femoral varus osteotomy Peri-ilial pelvic osteotomy Dega osteotomy Pemberton osteotomy Resection arthroplasty Castle procedure Interposition arthroplasty 


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