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Metalogos (Journal)

  • Fany TriantafillouEmail author
  • Efrossini Moureli
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Metalogos has been the first systemic journal in Greece, published by the Systemic Association of Northern Greece since 2002.

Based on an idea by Efrossini Moureli (psychiatrist, group analyst, systemic psychotherapist) Metalogos was created first in print form, soon after the foundation of Systemic Association of Northern Greece, by the staff of the (so-called “systemic,” NHS) Mental Health Centre of Western Thessaloniki (director at the time: Fany Triantafillou, psychiatrist, psychoanalytic and systemic psychotherapist) and the founding members of the Systemic Association of Northern Greece (Sofia Chatzigeleki, Virginia Ioannidou, Violeta Kaftantzi-Chasta, Odysseas Mouzas, Ingeborg Schlaucher-Nikolaidou, Maria Pandelaki, Katerina Papaminou, Theodoros Sfikas, Andreas Tsafos, Alexandra Tsoukatou, Tasos Zisis).

From 2002–2012, Metalogos(issues 1–22) was published, 6-monthly, only in Greek. In December 2012, during the special 2-day event...

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