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Human Systems (Journal)

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Human Systems: The Journal of Therapy, Consultation and Training (journal)


Human Systemsis a peer-reviewed journal which aims to publish work that will have direct usefulness for practitioners in a wide range of applications of systemic approaches. It was founded in 1990 with a commitment to a broad conceptualization of the work of practitioners in therapy and consultation as being to foster a systemic understanding with their clients. This professional orientation should then apply to all aspects of training and supervision with the role of the journal being to make new advances available in a practicable form. Having been founded by two training institutes, the Kensington Consultation Centre (KCC) and the Leeds Family Therapy and Research Centre (LFTRC), an important part of its mission has always been to make new advances in systemic thinking available in the training of systemic therapists and organizational consultants. Significant papers from...

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