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Terapia Familiare (Journal)

  • Maurizio AndolfiEmail author
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Terapia Familiare (Journal)


Terapia Familiare (TF) is a peer-reviewed, quarterly publication written in Italian language with an English abstract of each article; TF is the oldest and most prestigious Italian journal of family and couple’s studies and research as well as about systemic and relational therapy.

Founded by Maurizio Andolfi in 1977, the journal was able to catalyze the emerging movement of family therapy in Italy and in Europe. Just 1 year after the birth, in 1978, the journal sponsored in Florence a historic international conference in family therapy, with the participation of many pioneers in the field, such as Murray Bowen, Salvador Minuchin, James Framo, Jay Haley, Israel Zwerling, Peggy Papp, Albert Scheflen, and Margareth Singer. In addition to the most prominent North American innovators, the new emerging European figures were present there: Mara Selvini Palazzoli, Gianfranco Cecchin and Luigi Boscolo of the Milan School, Helm...

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  1. Andolfi, M., & Zwerling, I. (Eds.). (1980). Dimensions of family therapy. New York: Guilford Press. Website of the journal : www.accademiapsico.it.Google Scholar

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