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Lang, Peter

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Peter Lang (1943–2016) founded the Kensington Consultation Centre – the KCC Foundation which he led along with Susan Lang and Martin Little.


Peter Lang grew up in Zambia and came to England at the age of 18, studied theology at the College of the Resurrection, Mirfield, obtaining a Bachelor of Divinity, and was ordained as a priest in 1969. He worked as a counselor and then a trainer at the Westminster Pastoral Foundation. His initial psychotherapy training was at the Tavistock Institute where he was supervised by John Bowlby. During the 1970s, he encountered systemic approaches, particularly the Milan School. Under his influence, KCC became an important training institute in London and with major input from John Burnham established training at every level. The first accredited course was a Diploma in systemic family therapy which became an MSc through Luton University with its first graduates in 1996, followed by the Diploma in Systemic Teaching, Training and...

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