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MacKune-Karrer, Betty

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Throughout a career that spanned more than 60 years, Betty MacKune-Karrer focused on work with children and their families, either directly through intervention with families or indirectly through the training and supervision of family therapists and supervisors. Her last full-time position as director of the Family Systems Program (FSP) of the Institute for Juvenile Research (IJR) (1990–1997) was the culmination of this life-long interest.


Having received her B.A. (psychology, 1950) and M.A. (psychology, 1955) degrees from the University of Mexico and her M.A. (psychology, 1971) from Roosevelt University, Chicago, she began her work as director of the Jane Addams Day Care Center, Hull House Association, where she planned and implemented teaching and therapeutic services for children and families. She moved onto supervising the work of therapists working with emotionally disturbed children and their families as director of the Gads Hill Therapeutic Preschool Program...

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