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Lidz, Theodore

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Theodore Lidz (04/01/1910–02/16/2001)


Theodore Lidz is most well-known for his avant-garde approach to both research and clinical conceptualization of schizophrenia. He was a radical critic against biologically reductionist psychiatry and introduced a more contextual perspective on environmental, interpersonal, and familial factors as being related to mental disorder. Theodore Lidz proposed that even though psychiatric intervention might reduce the symptomology, effective psychotherapy with patients of schizophrenia requires more systemic and familial engagements and interventions.

Career (Includes Education, Professional Training, Positions)

Theodore Lidz graduated from Columbia College in 1931 and the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons with his medical degree in 1936. After a 2-year medical residency at the Yale New Haven Hospital, Lidz’s first teaching position was at Johns Hopkins University where he remained until 1951. In 1946, during his...

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