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Buber, Martin

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Martin Buber


Martin Buber (born February 8, 1878, Vienna, Austria – died June 13, 1965, Talbiya, Jerusalem) was a Jewish philosopher, educator, and political activist. As a philosophical anthropologist, Buber was interested in studying the wholeness of man by first understanding one’s own experiences with solitude and then recognizing one’s self in relation to the world. Buber is mostly known for his work I and Thou (1923).


From 1897 to 1899, Buber completed courses in philosophy and art history at University of Leipzig, and he worked in the psychiatric clinics of Wilhelm Wundt and Paul Flecksig. In 1899, he attended the University of Zürich and then studied at the University of Berlin until 1901. Buber also attended the University of Vienna in 1904. He was an editor of the weekly paper Die Weltand became a leader in the Zionist movement, a Jewish nationalist movement that supports the Jewish homeland of Palestine. In addition to editing, he lectured,...

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