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Chicago Center for Family Health

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The Chicago Center for Family Health (CCFH) is an internationally renowned family therapy training institute providing resilience-oriented advanced training, counseling services, and community-based programs.


The Chicago Center for Family Health (www.ccfhchicago.org) is located in downtown Chicago, Illinois, with faculty offices in city and suburban areas.

Prominent Associated Figures

John Rolland, MD, and Froma Walsh, PhD, cofounders and codirectors, are international leaders in the field of family therapy ( “Rolland, John”). Other prominent faculty members are Michele Scheinkman, LCSW, and Mona Fishbane, PhD, who developed and directed the Couples Therapy training program; Gene Combs, MD, and Jill Freedman, LCSW; Mary Jo Barrett, MSW; Jay Lebow, PhD, LMFT; and Thomas Todd, PhD. Other CCFH faculty members who have been instrumental in CCFH programs include Bessie Sultan Akuamoah, LCSW; Michele Baldwin, PhD, LCSW; Cheryl Berg, LCSW; Pamela Brand, PsyD, LMFT; Ruth...

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