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Paul, Norman

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Norman Leo Paul, M.D., (born July 5, 1926, Buffalo, NY, USA – died October 14, 2011, Concord, MA) was an American psychiatrist and family therapist. An early pioneer in the field of family therapy – Paul believed that an individual’s total family unit should be used as a tool to treat mental illness. He is credited for recognizing the importance of family of origin and extended family members when treating psychopathology.

Norman L. Paul earned his Doctor of Medicine degree at the University of Buffalo in 1948. He received postdoctoral training at the University of Cincinnati. Following his service as a captain in the US Air Force, Medical Corps, Paul returned to the United States to complete his medical training as a resident at the Massachusetts Mental Health Center in Boston, MA. Paul was then appointed as research fellow in psychiatry at Harvard University and obtained additional training as an assistant physician at Massachusetts Mental Heath Center. He completed his fellowship in...

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