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Epstein, Nathan

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Dr. Nathan B. Epstein


Dr. Nathan B. Epstein is the primary originator of the McMaster model of family functioning (MMFF). The MMFF is a theoretical basis for understanding, assessing, and diagnosing family functioning. Using the MMFF as a foundation, Dr. Epstein created a treatment model called the problem-centered systems therapy of the family (PCSTF), a therapeutic approach that focuses primarily on the overall stages of therapy rather than specific interventions and strategies. Together, the MMFF and PCSTF constitute the McMaster approach to family therapy. In addition, Dr. Epstein helped create instruments and a structured interview used in the practice of the McMaster approach.


In 1948, Dr. Epstein received his M.D. at the Dalhousie University Faculty of Medicine in Canada. He completed his internship at Boston University Medical Center and residency in psychiatry at the Columbia University School of Public Health. While at Columbia University,...

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