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Emerging Technologies in Couple and Family Therapy

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Emerging Technologies in Couple and Family Therapy


Computer therapy; Cyber therapy; E-therapy; Information communication technologies (ICT); Internet-based interactions; Internet-based interventions; Mobile health; Telehealth; Tele-psychology


The term “cyber therapy” came from Isaac Marks (Marks et al. 2007) and refers to the use of using a computer to provide, enhance, or facilitate therapy. It can support therapy across the distance and create virtual realities.

Telehealth is defined as the use of electronic and communications technology to accomplish health care over distance (Jerome and Zaylor 2000), as the provision of health care by any telecommunication technology, to include telephone, internet, email, video teleconferencing (VTC), smartphones, blogging, social media, and others digital apps (Wrape and McGinn 2018). Technology, which can be defined as the application of science and information to practical areas, such as electronic or...

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