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Lee, Wai Yung

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Wai Yung Lee


Dr. Wai Yung Lee grew up in Hong Kong and completed her graduate studies in Canada and the United States. She worked for many years as a family therapist mostly with Salvador Minuchin at Family Studies in New York. She returned to Hong Kong in the early 2000s, where she focused her work on Chinese families.


Dr. Lee is a professor, researcher, and clinician. She is an associate professor at Hong Kong University. Some of her initiatives in Asia include setting up the HKU Family Institute as well as introducing the first Master’s program in Marriage and Family Therapy to Asia. She also founded The Asian Academy of Family Therapy (AAFT) and the Aitia Family Institute in Shanghai. The purpose of forming these organizations was a threefold approach, where education, therapy, and research go hand-in-hand with one another. Specifically, AAFT is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the practice of family therapy and systems thinking in different contexts...

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