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Wiener, Norbert

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Norbert Wiener.


Known for his eccentric style as a child prodigy, Norbert Wiener (1984–1964) is formally known as the father of cybernetics (Conway and Siegelman 2005). With a background in philosophy and mathematics, his work contributed to the fields of engineering, biology, and cybernetics (Segal 1992). Moreover, what set Wiener’s contributions apart from other mathematicians was his conviction regarding the application of mathematics. According to Jerison and Stroock (1995), Wiener was particularly concerned with the moral implications that were the long-term outcomes of applied mathematics. Further, in addition to his direct contribution to the field of cybernetics, his work regarding feedback loops laid the foundation for a substantive theoretical underpinning in the field of couple and family therapy (CFT).


Originally from Columbia, Missouri, Norbert Wiener was raised in a strict home focused on creating child prodigies (Segal 1992). As such, Wiener was...

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