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Montalvo, Braulio

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Braulio Montalvo.


Braulio Montalvo was a pioneer of Structural Family Therapy. Through years of working with families living in urban, impoverished neighborhoods, he helped develop and hone an approach to therapy that emphasizes joining with the family system, the assignment of in-session family tasks and actions, and drawing out and articulating family dynamics. He also contributed to modern methods of training marriage and family therapists with his emphasis on observations of sessions as a training tool to accelerate therapist growth.


Braulio Montalvo was born and grew up in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. He attended Columbia University in New York City where he completed a master’s degree in psychology. He then took a position at the Wiltwyck School for Boys, a residential treatment facility for boys aged 8–12 involved in the juvenile justice system. While there he worked closely with Salvador Minuchin on a project to understand the structure and dynamics of...

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