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Stanton, M. Duncan

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M. Duncan Stanton, Ph.D., ABPP, AAMFT Approved Supervisor


Dr. Stanton is an internationally renowned scholar, clinician, and researcher on the subject of family and substance abuse. He has given over 500 invited workshops, lectures, and presentations in 27 countries. Author of over 150 publications and a Fellow of NCFR and AAMFT and in 5 APA Divisions, Dr. Stanton has received 10 awards from national organizations, including AFTA’s Distinguished Contribution to Family Systems Research (1997), a Presidential Citation from APA (2001), and AAMFT’s Cumulative Contribution to Family Therapy Research Award (2003).


Stanton received his PhD in clinical/community psychology at the University of Maryland (1968). He served as a full-time faculty at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine (1972–1983), with appointments at the Philadelphia Child Guidance Clinic and the VA Medical Center. Later he directed the Division of Family Programs at the University of...

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