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Heatherington, Laurie

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Laurie Heatherington (1954)


Laurie Heatherington (Ph.D., University of Connecticut, USA, 1981) is Edward Dorr Griffin Professor of Psychology at Williams College, Williamstown, Massachusetts. Her work has combined research, teaching, and practice, focusing on processes of interpersonal and cognitive change in family therapy, measurement of family systems variables, and the therapeutic alliance. Dr. Heatherington has been fascinated by the ways in which change process research on family therapy can inform the practice of family therapy, and vice versa. She has published numerous journal articles, review papers, and chapters, and coauthored The Therapeutic Alliances in Couple and Family Therapy. She and coauthor Myrna Friedlander were jointly honored in 2010 as recipients of the Distinguished Contribution to Family Systems Research award by the American Family Therapy Academy.


Dr. Heatherington’s interest in clinical psychology started when her family moved a...

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