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Fincham, Francis

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  • Tom N. Bradbury
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Francis (Frank) D. Fincham (birthday not given).


Frank Fincham is an internationally known scholar, admired for his careful examination of children, marriages, and families. His many contributions include the elucidation of the dynamics of blame and retribution, and more recently forgiveness, gratitude, and religiosity, in marriage. His strong scholarly impact and productivity have made Dr. Fincham one of the most widely respected psychologists in the world.


Dr. Fincham began his career as a social psychologist, receiving the Young Social Psychologist of the Year award in 1979 from the British Psychological Society shortly before he graduated from Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar with his D.Phil. in 1980. He accepted a postdoctoral position at Stony Brook University in New York from 1980 to 1982, re-specializing in clinical psychology. These experiences helped him develop into an active force in the study of personal relationships, interpersonal cognition,...

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