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Family Unit at Modum Bad, The

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  • Bente Barstad
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Name of the Organization

The Family Unit at Modum Bad


Since 1968, the Family Unit at Modum Bad in Vikersund, Norway, has offered residential, intensive treatment for couples and families within a national psychiatric hospital for adults. The intake criteria include that one or both the adults in the family have substantial individual psychiatric distress in addition to severe relational problems within the couple or family where previous help was inadequate. Patients with psychotic or suicidal features, disruptive, or acting out tendencies or substance abuse as a primary problem are not admitted. Furthermore, one or more of the children might display emotional or conduct disorders. Hence, those seeking the Family Unit are characterized as multiproblem families that have long-standing, severe problems across a variety of life areas. They have typically experienced that previous helping efforts did not capture their comprehensive need of a coordinated and holistic treatment...

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