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Stonehenge Conference on Women in Families Family Therapy

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Stonehenge Conferences on Women in Families and Family Therapy.


In September 1984, a historic colloquium was held at the Stonehenge Inn in Connecticut. Nearly 47 women at the forefront of the field of family therapy met to address the role of women in families and family therapy. The aim of this conference, organized by Monica McGoldrick, Froma Walsh, and Carol Anderson, was to share and build on efforts to address serious gender-based issues concerning women in marriage and family life and in family therapy training, practice, theory, and research. There also appeared to be a need for a network of support and sharing of experience, for more visible women mentors and role models, and for hearing the many voices and expertise of women in the field, who were often overshadowed by male colleagues, gendered ways of knowing, and structures of power and privilege in their professional lives.

Initially, the Stonehenge conference sparked reactivity by some male colleagues who...

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