Encyclopedia of Couple and Family Therapy

2019 Edition
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Modality in Couple and Family Therapy

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Family therapy emerged in the United States of America in the 1950s. At that time, many psychiatrists treating World War II veterans shifted treatment modalities to include families. In addition, schizophrenia research suggested that long-term recovery of the individual was dependent on family dynamics and involvement. These shifts supported the family therapy assumption that problems reside within interactions, relationships, and systems (Goldenberg and Goldenberg 2012).

Family Modality

Family therapy pioneers recommended that all family members involved with the problem attend therapy (Goldenberg and Goldenberg 2012). For example, Salvador Minuchin (1921–present), the father of structural family therapy, expedited clinical change by aligning with disenfranchised family members and enacting, reordering, and shifting family structures in session. Jay Haley (1923–2007) strategically negotiated the definition of familial relationships and developmental crises by including...

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