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Morphogenesis in Family Systems Theory

  • Miranda Smith
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Name of Concept

Morphogenesis in Family Systems Theory


Positive feedback loop


Morphogenesis, meaning “creation or beginning of shape,” is the cybernetic process that occurs when a family system reacts to a perceived change by moving away from its status quo (Hoffman 1981).

Theoretical Context for Concept

Morphogenesis is a tenet of Ludwig von Bertalanffy’s general systems theory for understanding organizational behavior as nonlinear (Bertalanffy 1968). In a family systems context, morphogenesis is the process by which families actively change in response to new information and stimuli. Morphogenesis results when positive feedback loops* initiate and amplify a family system’s deviation away from its homeostatic state.


In the family system, morphogenesis describes a family’s ability to grow and adapt to change while maintaining balance. In all families, there is an ongoing dynamic tension between trying to maintain stability and introducing change....

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