Encyclopedia of Couple and Family Therapy

2019 Edition
| Editors: Jay L. Lebow, Anthony L. Chambers, Douglas C. Breunlin

Psychopharmacology in Couple and Family Therapy

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Often a family member engaged in couples or family therapy will also be treated with psychiatric medication or might raise the question of a need for medication. At times, the therapist may notice or learn about problematic behavior of a family member and wonder if medication might be helpful in addressing that concern. At times also discussions about medication may be a source of conflict in couples or family treatment. This entry will review indications for using psychiatric medications and approaches for responding to discussion about medications. Couples and family therapy may be conducted by psychiatrists or licensed nurse practitioners who are able to prescribe medication. This entry will be directed primarily to nonphysicians conducting couples and family therapy, and will not address situations where the same professional both conducts couples or family therapy and prescribes medication....

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