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Rivett, Mark

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Rivett, Mark


Mark Rivett has made significant contributions to the field of family therapy, most notably in Europe and the UK. He has authored four books and numerous articles and is a past editor of the Journal of Family Therapy. He has taught systemic practice for many years in a number of universities, including Cardiff, Bristol, and University of the West of England, and continues to be the director of systemic training at the University of Exeter.


Rivett qualified originally as a mental health social worker in 1983, with an intention to train as a psychotherapist. His social work within children’s mental health context leads to his interest in systemic practice, and by the early 1990s, Rivett started training with the Institute of Family Therapy (IFT). Rivett quickly established an interest in the links between social work and systemic practice and became fascinated in the work of Minuchin and the strategic and Milan schools of family therapy. He was...

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