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Harris, Steven

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Steven M. Harris


Steven Harris, PhD, is the editor-in-chief for the Journal of Marriage and Family Therapy and a professor at the University of Minnesota in the Department of Family Social Science. Dr. Harris is an internationally accredited leader in the field of couple and family therapy and is a profound expert in areas of relational decision-making, couples and intimacy, and family therapy professional development.


The foundation of Dr. Harris’s family relations experience came from his time at Brigham Young University, where he graduated in 1990 with a Bachelor of Science. Soon after, he pursued his master’s degree in marriage and family therapy at Syracuse University. His clinical placements included interning at Goldberg Marriage and Family Therapy Clinic, Family Service Associates in Liverpool, NY, and Syracuse University’s Office of Residence Life/Counseling Center. In 1992 he graduated with his master’s along with two master’s prizes from the Graduate...

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