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Skynner, Robin

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As a psychiatrist, psychotherapist, and author, A.C. Robin Skynner was a pioneer in the development of the field of family therapy in Great Britain. He was influential in making significant changes in clinical work by integrating open systems and group analytic theory into family and marital therapy (Skynner 1969). He was a prolific psychotherapy trainer and writer. One of his best-selling books (Skynner and Cleese 1983) was, Families and How to Survive Them, co-authored with famous comedian John Cleese.


The oldest of five sons, Dr. Skynner was born in Charleston in Cornwall England (Schlapobersky 2000). He was educated at St Austell County School and at Bludell’s School after which time at 18 years of age he volunteered for the Royal Air force. His interest in psychiatry stemmed from his WWII experience as a fighter pilot. The devastation and destruction he experienced led him to study the mind – specifically psychiatry after the war. He studied at the University...

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