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Attneave, Carolyn L.

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Carolyn L. Attneave, Ph.D. (1920–1992)


Carloyn L. Attneave was one of the best known American-Indian psychologist due to her contributions in cross-cultural issues and network therapy in the field of family therapy.


In 1940, Attneave completed her Bachelor’s degree in English and Theatre at California State University, Chico. Attneave returned to school shortly after graduating to pursue a second baccalaureate in elementary education. Attneave put her teaching career on hold and joined the Coast Guard during World War II, which made her one of the first female officers. While in the Coast Guard, Attneave researched the educational needs of Japanese families. Attneave was inspired to pursue psychology after participating in a mental health training course.

After the war was over, Attneave returned to Stanford in 1947 to begin her doctoral work in counseling psychology. In 1952, Attneave received her Ph.D. from Stanford. Attneave spent several years in Texas...

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