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Psychotherapy Networker

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Psychotherapy Networker


Formerly known as “The Family Therapy Networker”


Psychotherapy Networker is a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to offering practical guidance, creative inspiration, and community support to therapists around the world. Since its creation in 1978, Psychotherapy Networker magazine has earned a worldwide readership for its incisive, tough-minded coverage of the everyday challenges of clinical practice and the therapeutic innovations shaping the direction of the profession. Written with the practical needs of clinicians in mind, the Networker is the most topical, timely, and widely read publication in the psychotherapy community today. Celebrated for its engaging style, it is also a recipient of the National Magazine Award.

Psychotherapy Networker joined the PESI family in 2015, and PESI began providing support services for Psychotherapy Networker in February 2016. PESI offers live seminars and...

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