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Epston, David

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David Epston.


David Epston is the co-creator of Narrative Therapy – a collaborative and non-pathologizing approach to family therapy, counseling, and community work that centers people as the experts of their own lives and identities. The intellectual partnership between David Epston and Michael White initiated in 1980 founded a narrative family therapy framework infused with a spirit of adventure and invention based on a shared political philosophy. Narrative Therapy views problems as separate from people and engages people in re-authoring the stories of their lives by developing counter storylines that revive and vivify hopeful, preferred ways of living and being in relationships. David has disseminated this approach for 30 years through his teaching and lively collaborations with partners in 19 countries and has authored or co-authored ten books that have been translated into many languages.


David Epston was born in 1944 in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. At...

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