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Lawrence, Erika

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Dr. Erika Lawrence is a professor and clinical psychologist. She is currently the Director of Translational Science at The Family Institute at Northwestern University. She received her BA in Psychology at Emory University and then worked as a Project Coordinator at Stony Brook University under the mentorship of Dr. K. Daniel O’Leary. Dr. Lawrence received her MA and Ph.D. in clinical psychology at UCLA under the mentorship of Drs. Thomas Bradbury and Andrew Christensen. She completed her clinical psychology internship at the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute and Hospital. Her first academic position was as an assistant professor with a primary appointment in the clinical psychology program and secondary appointment in the social psychology program at the University of Iowa in 2001, from which she moved to the University of Arizona clinical psychology program as an associate professor in 2015, and then took her position at The Family Institute in 2018.

Dr. Lawrence’s work has provided at...

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