Encyclopedia of Coastal Science

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| Editors: Charles W. Finkl, Christopher Makowski

South America, Coastal Geomorphology

  • Norbert P. Psuty
  • Chizuko Mizobe
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DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-319-48657-4_296-2

Investigation into the coastal geomorphology of Latin America does not have a lengthy history, but there are some indications that Latins and others are turning their attention to this important area (Psuty 1970; Tavares Corrêa 1996; Bittencourt et al. 1999; Klein et al. 2002). Large portions of the coastal zone remain unstudied in detail, and frequently only general descriptions exist (Putnam et al. 1960; Dolan et al. 1972; Bird and Schwartz 1985). Questions about regional correlations of depositional and erosional features must await basic research into topical problems. However, the following interpretation of the coastal geomorphology of South America is presented as a base upon which to build many future layers of information.


From Venezuela to the east to the border with Panama to the west, the Caribbean coast of Colombia is approximately 1,030 km in length. The Guajira Peninsula is the northernmost arm of the Andean mountain system, and the extreme northeastern tip is...

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Reproduced with minor updates from Psuty, N.P., and Mizobe, C., 1982. South America, Coastal Morphology. In Schwartz, M.L. (ed.), Encyclopedia of Beaches and Coastal Environments. Stroudsburg, PA: Hutchinson Ross, pp. 765–770.


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