Skin and Skin Disease Throughout Life

  • Serena GianfaldoniEmail author
  • Georgi Tchernev
  • Michael Tirant
  • Uwe Wollina
  • David Ernesto Castillo
  • Katlein França
  • Torello Lotti
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Skin is a complex and dynamic organ, which shows different physiological and pathological characteristics through age, due to the continuous interaction of intrinsic (e.g., genetic factors, hormones, and others) and extrinsic factors (e.g., infections, irritative or sensitizing factors, and others).


Birth Puberty Somatic development Skin Epidermal maturation Sebaceous gland Sweat gland Cutaneous pH Trans-epidermal water loss Skin microbiome Melanin UV protection Skin growth Skin disease Childhood Puberty Adolescence Premature puberty Delayed puberty Menstrual cycle Pregnancy Childbirth Puerperium Pigmentary change Striae gravidarum Striae distensae Molluscum fibrosum gravidarum Skin tag Vascular alteration Infection Metabolic disease Connective disease Autoimmune disorder Skin disease of pregnancy Dermatosis of pregnancy Menopause Keratoderma climatericum Haxthausen disease Lichen sclerosus et atrophicus Senescence Skin photoaging Pruritus Eczema Leg ulcer Bullous pemphigoid Benign skin lesion Non-melanoma skin cancer 


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