Organizing the Clinical Integration of Geriatrics and Oncology

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The management of cancer in the elderly requires attention to the oncological aspects as well as to those age-associated. Due to the complexity of the clinical aspects on both sides, the practice of the interdisciplinarity involving Clinical Oncologists, Geriatricians, and other actors is needed, but this is difficult to be achieved without a proper organization with dedicated time and space, since this integrated activity cannot rely only on good will.

A structured approach to the problem has been attempted through the so-called Geriatric Oncology Programs with different characteristics in various Countries, on the basis of the local health organization and available resources.

No uniform universal model can then be proposed; therefore, here the most common models have been presented as possible alternatives to those who would like to enter in this field. A description of the activities carried out in various countries may also help in suggesting solutions for situations similar to those described.


Integrating oncology and geriatrics Organizing the clinical activity Geriatric Oncology Programs 


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