Pathology of the Gastrointestinal Tract

2017 Edition
| Editors: Fátima Carneiro, Paula Chaves, Arzu Ensari

Duplication, Esophagus

  • Susana Mão de FerroEmail author
  • Miguel Serrano
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Congenital duplications; Gastrointestinal duplication cyst


Gastrointestinal duplication (GD) is a rare congenital anomaly that arises during early embryonic development and may occur anywhere along the gastrointestinal tract, from the mouth to the anus.

The cause of GD remains unclear. The most popular theory is the abnormal recanalization hypothesis. During the sixth week of fetal development, a proliferation of epithelium completely occludes the lumen of the gut, and vacuoles develop within the occluded lumen. Vacuoles coalesce until the lumen of the gut tube is fully recanalized. Duplication may occur due to an abnormal persistence of vacuoles. Other hypotheses include persistent embryologic diverticulum, bronchopulmonary foregut malformations, or intrauterine vascular accidents.

There are two general types of GD. Cystic duplications account for approximately 80% of cases, are spherical in shape, and have no communication with the bowel lumen. Tubular...

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