Noneczematous Occupational Contact Reactions

  • Anthony Teik Jin Goon
  • Chee Leok Goh
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Allergic contact dermatitis may present as noneczematous lesions.

Patch tests often produce an eczematous reaction.

EM-like eruption can occur with woods, plants, metals, and chemicals.

Purpuric eruption can occur with IPPD-containing rubber products.

Lichen-planus-like eruption can occur with color developers.

Papular and nodular eruption can occur with gold salts.

Granulomatous reaction can occur with gold and beryllium salt.

Pustular eruption can occur with metallic salt.

Erythema and exfoliation can occur with TCE.

Pseudoscleroderma can occur with chlorinated hydrocarbon and solvents.


Contact reaction Contact allergy Non-eczematous eruptions 


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