Regulating Drones in Maritime and Energy Sectors

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Small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) and unmanned surface vessels (USVs) are potential cost-saving and safety-enhancing tools in the maritime and energy sectors. While the military sea services have developed, and continue to use, unmanned technologies in the maritime domain, unmanned aircraft and vessel technologies are in their infancy in the commercial context. However, the advantages offered by sUAS and USVs are becoming more evident in commercial maritime operations, such as delivery of goods to isolated vessels, inspections of oil platforms, security surveillance of critical infrastructure, and use of unmanned vessels to assist with near-shore operations. This chapter provides the legal framework and analyses of relevant regulatory developments of the complex and evolving legal regimes under which sUAS and USV operate in the maritime domain.


Counter-UAS Critical infrastructure Delivery Energy Inspection Legal Maritime Security Threat Unmanned surface vessels USV Waterborne vehicle 


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