Encyclopedia of Big Data

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| Editors: Laurie A. Schintler, Connie L. McNeely

Data Repository

  • Xiaogang Ma
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Data repositories store datasets and provide access to users. Content stored and served by data repositories includes digitized data legacy, born digital datasets, and data catalogues. Standards of metadata schemas and identifiers enable the long-term preservation of research data as well as the machine accessible interfaces among various data repositories. Data management is a broad topic underpinned by the data repositories, and further efforts are needed to extend data management to research provenance documentation. The value of datasets is extended through connections from datasets to literature as well as inter-citations among datasets and literature.

Repository Types

A data repository is a place where datasets can be stored and accessed. Normally, datasets in a repository are marked up with metadata which provide essential context information about the datasets and enable efficient data search. The...

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