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Encyclopedia of Big Data

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  • Xiaogang MaAffiliated withDepartment of Computer Science, University of Idaho Email author 

Metadata are data about data, or in a more general sense, they are data about resources. They provide a snapshot about a resource, such as information about the creator, date, subject, location, time and methods used, etc. There are high-level metadata standards that can provide a general description of a resource. In recent years, community efforts have been taken to develop domain-specific metadata schemas and encode the schemas with machine readable formats for the World Wide Web. Those schemas can be reused and extended to fit requirements of specific applications. Comparing with the long-term archive of data and metadata in traditional data management and analysis, the velocity of Big Data leads to short-term and quick applications addressing scientific and business issues. Accordingly, there is a metadata data life cycle in Big Data applications. Community metadata standards and machine readable formats will be a big advantage to facilitate the metadata data life cycle on the Web ...

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