Local Government System in Nigeria

  • Omomayowa O. AbatiEmail author
  • Oluwaseun Kugbayi
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Local government is the government at the grass roots with a given population and constitutional power to elect officials for the administrative and regulatory functions in the local area.


Local government system in Nigeria has its antecedence in the pre-colonial era when each of the separate communities that make up today’s Nigeria was administered in what has been variedly described by scholars as provincial, kingship, empires systems, etc. (Kirk-Greene 1965; Fadipe 1970; Afigbo 1972; Atanda 1973). However, some discussions take the colonial period as the inception. These pre-colonial systems of local governance were very simple but with variation from place to place. An attempt to account for this variation by Adewunmi and Egwurube (1985) led to four role categorizations which are executive/participatory, nonexecutive/participatory,...

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