Social Innovations in Housing in Slovakia

  • Maria Murray SvidronovaEmail author
  • Helena Kuvíková
  • Beata Mikusova Merickova
  • Juraj Nemec
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Innovation in the provision of social housing may be called “co-creation.” Co-creation is a social innovation that seeks solutions to the production and financing of public services through collaboration with different stakeholders, including nongovernmental organizations. In this way, the government is possible to save on public expenditures if it would decide to support the innovative approach in social housing provision.


Although housing as a service is provided by a mixture of market, public policy, and informal sectors, the need for housing is one of the basic living needs of a person’s life; thus conditions for the production and realization of these goods are regulated by legislation in each developed society (Carter and Fortune 2007).

The inability of some groups of residents to secure housing using their own resources is one of the main reasons for public sector intervention...

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  • Helena Kuvíková
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  • Beata Mikusova Merickova
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  • Juraj Nemec
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