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Myelolipoma is a benign neoplasm, most commonly involving the adrenal gland, composed of mature adipose tissue and hematopoietic elements.

Clinical Features

This tumor in most instances occurs in the adrenal cortex, although extra-adrenal sites, such as presacral region, retroperitoneum, and mediastinum have been reported (Abecassis et al. 1985; Decmann et al. 2018; Dann et al. 2008; Minamiya et al. 1997). It occurs over a wide age range, with 51 years as the average age of onset, including female predilection (Decmann et al. 2018; Wagnerová et al. 2004). Average tumor size is 10.2 cm. Nearly 10% cases are associated with adrenal hyperplasia (Abecassis et al. 1985). Other adrenal hypersecretory disorders have been reported in nearly 8% cases (Abecassis et al. 1985; Decmann et al. 2018).

Most patients harboring these tumors are asymptomatic and usually a myelolipoma is incidentally identified during autopsies (incidentaloma), in about 0.2% cases (Abecassis et al. 1985)....

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