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Ganglion Cyst

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Reactive cystic lesion occurring in the dorsal surface of the wrist, resulting from myxoid degeneration of connective tissues as a consequence of trauma.

Clinical Features

  • Incidence

    It is the most common superficial myxoid lesion.

  • Age

    It generally affects young patients, with a wide age range, from the second to the sixth decade of life.

  • Sex

    Females are more frequently affected than males (Goldblum et al. 2014).

  • Site

    The most common location is the dorsal surface of the wrist. It can also occur in the dorsum of the foot and toes, in the knee, and in the ankle (Goldblum et al. 2014).

  • Treatment

    Most of the lesions are not treated surgically. Selected cases can be excised or aspirated.

  • Outcome

    It is a benign lesion, with a low risk of local recurrence after surgery.


It is a small lesion, generally <3 cm in size. It is very frequently attached to bursa and tendon sheath, generally without a communication with the joint. On cut surface,...

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