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Farley, Frank

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Frank Farley, Ph.D., is the Laura H. Carnell Professor (professorship in honor of Temple University’s first dean that recognizes faculty who have illustrated unique interest and dedication to research, scholarship, teaching, and the creative arts) in the Department of Psychological Studies in Education at Temple University. He is an educational psychologist that ascribes to humanistic theory and is internationally recognized as an expert in psychology and human behavior.

Early Life and Educational Background

Farley was born in Edmonton, Alberta. He stayed in Canada and earned both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Saskatchewan and received a Ph.D. from the Institution of Psychiatry at the University of London.

Professional Career

Farley has taught at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (between 1966 and 1995), at the University of California-Berkeley, and at Temple University since 1995. He has also been a visiting scholar at Stanford University. Farley is also...

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