Encyclopedia of Personality and Individual Differences

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International Society for the Study of Individual Differences

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The International Society for the Study of Individual Differences (ISSID).

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ISSID was created as an international society of researchers, “to investigate the major dimensions of individual differences in the context of experimental, physiological, pharmacological, clinical, medical, genetical, statistical and social psychology, and to seek the determinants, causes and concomitants of individual differences, using concepts derived from these disciplines” (Eysenck 1983, p. i). As one of the founders, Hans Eysenck (1983) described that the society was formed to provide an environment for “the discussion and exchange of information and ideas relevant to the measurement, structure, dynamics and biological bases of individual differences” (p. ii). The first committee of executive officers for the society were H. J. Eysenck as president, M. Zuckerman as president-elect, and R. M. Stelmack as secretary-treasurer. The ISSID website (https://www.issidorg.com/) lists...

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