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Claims (Horney)

  • Jack DanielianEmail author
  • Patricia Gianotti
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Individuals with overidealized claims believe that they are entitled to receive special attention. Human limitation is a state that is beneath them, and they believe that any action that they make should not carry adverse consequences. Therefore, movement through the world is from a self-centered, self-serving position. Little care is given to how their own actions may impact others. If actions do have an abrasive or hurtful effect, defensive indifference generally arises, with an insistence that there is no need to change personal behaviors. However, when it comes to the nonfulfillment of their ownoveridealized claims and wishes, disappointed desires are met with frustration and indignation, coupled with a justification to retaliate or punish in return. The psychic cost of insisting on this overdetermined position is a pressured/driven approach to life’s goals...

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