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St. James’s Way

  • Sandra de Sá CarneiroEmail author
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The Camino de Santiago is the term most widely used to designate the pilgrimage leading to the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral in the Galicia region of Spain. Since its origin in the Middle Ages, the pilgrimage has been composed by a series of routes setting out from every corner of the European continent to converge on the same place. Hence there never was, nor is there, just one path: there are several, all sharing in common their arrival point. Located in the majestic Santiago de Compostela Cathedral is the crypt of Saint James, one of the twelve apostles, the first messenger of Christianity in this corner of Europe, and Spain’s patron saint.


The Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage is a social phenomenon that dates back to the ninth century AD and that condenses a variety of myths, beliefs, and values, as well as diverse actors and agencies, which span a long-lasting tradition. More than an ancient tradition that has resisted the changes occurring over the...


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