Encyclopedia of Latin American Religions

2019 Edition
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Subversive Art and Secularization in the North of Chile

  • Federico AguirreEmail author
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The secularization phenomenon finds in modern art one of its clearest expressions. It is an eminently subversive art, which rebels against any external agent that tries to direct its march and in a particularly decisive way regarding its traditional links with religion. In the North of Chile, however, religious dances, which are a centuries-old tradition, assume a role similar to that of modern art during the twentieth century, thus becoming a countercultural expression through which the establishment of the labor movement is articulated.


The dawn of the twentieth century could be considered the definitive threshold of a series of transformations, gestating in what is now known as the Western world. During the twentieth century, apart from the definitive consolidation of a global social and economic shift, the death certificate of religion is also issued, and art is emancipated from every kind of model (Nature, History, God) in order to achieve full autonomy....


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