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Cristero Rebellion

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The Cristero Rebellion was a widespread popular rebellion emerging in the wake of postrevolutionary Mexico during the years of 1926–1929. As conflict between the Catholic Church and the national government of Mexico came to crisis, the grassroots rebellion was a response of lay Catholics to the suspension of the celebration of Catholic Mass by the Mexican church in reaction to the repressive anticlerical measures imposed by President Plutarco Elias Calles.

In 1926, the Calles Laws implemented several articles of the 1917 Constitution (including articles 3, 24, 27, and 130). Fueled by fervent anti-Catholic rhetoric, the Calles Laws suppressed the civil liberties of Catholic clerics, dismantled a large percentage of church property for implementation of agrarian reforms, and sought to nationalize education by secularizing public schools. Catholic education and iconography were banned and religious defiance was subject to governmental scrutiny and punishment. Armed resistance...


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